Increased Hearing Problems in Nigeria


The  Nigeria hearing and speech association has decried the increasing hearing challenges being faced by many Nigerians as a result of noise pollution.  The National President of the group, Prof. Julius Ademokoya, during a courtesy visit to the medical rehabilitation therapist board, said many Nigerians had hearing problems. He said, “The majority of Nigerians are not hearing well; many of us are losing our hearing due to the noisy nature of the country, with speakers, grinding machines, honking drivers, among others, wreaking havoc on people’s auditory canals.” “You are not expected to expose your hearing to the sound healing of 80 decibels, but riding in a bus for about six hours, alongside careless drivers on the road exposes  you  to  hearing  problems.”  He also noted that the problem of noise pollution is commonly experienced by airport workers and drivers. He warned that the use of electro­magnetic devices also posed additional problems to the hearing of many Nigerians, advising that those who use such devices must be careful.

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